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  1. In the final position, I was thinking "This doesn't look bad for white at all. I've got an unstoppable mate in two just by pushing the pawn" and then you said "And black castles!" That felt like cheating!

  2. I dont get position why not Rook g2 check. From there it is a much easier win. If King h8 promote to queen check mate. If bishop g6 rook takes and king h7 promote to knight.

  3. In puzzle2, instead of underpromo to bishop, playing pawn to h6 check forces the capture of either the pawn or bishop on h6 or h7

  4. In position 4, look at what happens if you move the black queen from f8 to h8 with a plan to move to h2. The potential forks disappear and there is the threat of check if white moves the pawn to f4.

  5. In position #4, the black queen should take the white knight, the white pawn would take the queen and the black pawn would recapture. It is a winning game for black.

  6. POS 1 — Opening move — K-G5, If P -H1, then B-H1 (taking new Queen). He will chase my king around the broad until I plop it behind the pawn, then I bring my Queen out. Then black is 😂done as a Tom Turkey on Christmas Morning

  7. Am i missing something but why wouldnt it work in position 2 to just move rook to g1 and by that check Black and force him to move King h8 or sacrifice his bishop to out rook on g6 and/or sacrifice Queen to g4 and after that getting checked again and forces to move King to h8. After this just take The Blacks rook with pawn and promote to Queen and that's checkmate.

  8. last moves of last problem, white rook takes black rook in sacrifice, both rooks gone now…. pawn one square away from promotion,but square guarded by knight so white king advances step by step to chase knight away….not as elegant, but white gets new Q and wins.

  9. Position #2: why dont use Room to g2, if the king move on black edge, just eat the black rook and promote with queen and it'll be checkmate. If the bishop block rook in G6, it's uselees bcause just got eaten by rook and again pawn promote to queen and checkmate without lost any pawn

  10. 17:15 Black can play Qh8! If White play f4 Black will play Qh2 Check!!! and then just win the game! However after Qh8 White play Knight g4 and then win the game!!!

  11. 17:49 The Black may take the Knight by the Queen, the pawn takes the Queen, the Black pawn takes the white pawn, and this position is WONE for Black!

  12. Position #2 is absoluttly wrong actually its forced mate in 2 white does Rg1+ giving a chck the king HAS to move to the cornor at h8 then we capture the rook with out pawn fx8# which is checkmate

  13. wouldnt #2 be rg1+ then exf8#? (delayable by other pieces ofc but its not gonna help)

  14. In position 2 you can just mate in 2 with White .. Rook G1 , King H8 , pawn captures rook = Queen # checkmate (black queen and bishop can block on the G file to delay but its useless)

  15. I had to laugh when I realised the queen has to be sacrificed after sacrificing the bishop for position #1.

  16. Too many recap moments for me. Great content for the most part but there were a few instances where you skipped back far too many moves, far too many times. The third challenge specifically had a lot.

  17. Is it not regulation or standard practice for the white pieces to start on squares A1 and A2 through H1 and H2; and, for the black pieces to start on squares A7 and A8 through H7 and H8? This way, when one sees the board, there is no need to explain which way the pieces are moving: whites are going from the low to high numbered squares and vice versa.

  18. Position 4 gets really interesting if you decide to sac the queen for the knight. Getting the win for white gets tricky. as black has a lot of ways to spoil it. I originally analysed it missing a critical white pawn and was wondering if the study was flawed. Nope, just my eyesight 🙂

  19. What if in position 2 after you take the rook and get a queen and they take your bishop, you just check the king putting the queen in danger and then when they take your queen you just take theirs and you win pawn plus rook vs bishop and your going to promote and win? Someone please explain why that doesn't work because I'm not seeing it.

  20. In position 2 if we give check with our rook to g1 and then if king h8 then the d7 pawn siply takes the rook and promotes to a queen and if bishob or queen blocks the g1 check then simply take it and then the same way !, Is it right?

  21. The second position is arguably the most beautiful chess puzzle I've ever seen.
    It looks as a completely natural set of pieces on the board. Was it ever achieved?

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