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  1. I don't think Problem #4 works, because at 17:20 when the white knight moves to f6 to block the black Queen, the trap can still be broken by white playing Queen takes knight of f6! Then, the pawn trap cannot close on f4 because the black Queen is in a position to simply take the f4 pawn calling check! Therefore, the only counter play for white is to play pawn takes the Black Queen on f6, then the black pawn on G7 takes the white pawn, and from there the position is winning for black.
    Your analysis fails to consider this counterplay by black, assuming that the pawn on G7 must take the white knight. The trap cannot be closed.
    Am I wrong in this analysis?

  2. in minute 17:53, why shouldnt go black Queen to f6? the queen woud be dead but the king could escape. mabey im just not seeing the point 😀

  3. I love this video so much I can’t stop watching it 😊😊😊😊😊

  4. The Position #2 is very mindblowing but I answered all the promotes and all the winning moves, so… am i cool?

  5. in position 4 cant you just go pawn to c3 checkmate or am i wrong. edit: yes, yes i m wrong

  6. With Chess problem 2. Why not have rook to G1 as the first move? Black cant really put anything to block without white taking it and checking the king again and if black king moves H8 it's pretty much over.

  7. Comment on Position #1 … Can you please check that this isn't even better? White move pawn to a7 first & then Q to h1. I think it wins the rook outright by forking the Black King and rook, and then can take the Black pawn to win much more easily. Can you see a flaw in this?

  8. re Position #2 (something not covered). If White promotes to a rook after K to h8, then K moves to g7 (rather than taking the bishop on h7) & ATTACKS the ROOK so that if White moves R x Q, Black responds with K x R. Nevertheless, White should still win with a rook, a bishop & a pawn against only a bishop. Still easy for White.

  9. Number was not h1 it was f3 what was king and rook fork and and after you take the rook it stops promoting

  10. 6:40
    Actually I was thinking about another move, which is Qh6+

    I know that we gave up the queen, but at least we can take their queen and it's not a stalemate.
    Although, I think that exf8=B is better because you have a lot of material as compared to one rook

  11. 2:11 Could you play pawn to a7 here? If black promotes, then after queen takes rook takes then white can promote and fork the king and rook. I couldn't see any other positions winning either.

  12. I guess, if whites win, you are whites, so, bishop from a8 to b7, no check, protection of peon, leaving an open path for yours to move and the blacks cant crown or exchange their peon into another piece. From that point on, tower can be a slight pain in the in the ass, one of your peons might get eaten, but you got the black peon, which is sacrificed for a "play" or is stuck in there.

  13. I don't kniow if i'm a little late here, but isn't the obvious miove for white at the start of position #2 rook to g8 check? Black then only has three options. First option is knight to g6 thus blocking the rook, but the rook simply takes the knight and then black's only option is king to h8, which means the white pawn can take the black rook at f8, get a queen and it's checkmate. Second option for black is queem to g4 to block the check, but then it turns out the same way as in option 1. white rook takes the queen, check. Then black can do the knight to g6 like in the first option, but it's the same outcome again. And the third option for black is to move the king to h8 straight away, and then the white pawn takes the rook, turns into a queen and it's checkmate.

  14. Position #4, time 17:55.. what if black uses the queen to take the bishop at f6. Then white cannot move the pawn to f4 but basically has to take the queen with the pawn at e5. Black can then take that pawn with the pawn at g7. Now white can do the pawn to c4 move, but by now the black king can go to d5 to escape. By then it's the black king and 4 pawns against the white king and three pawns. I don't see how white can win by then.

  15. 6:53 if we move the right side pawn to h6, and the king takes the h6 pawn, it seems to also create a winning move

  16. For position 2 when king takes bishop after h8 If you promote to queen you can force him to take it by moving to g7 and take his queen and rook vs bishop is winning endgame

  17. I had a different plan in mind in position 2 it was rook to g 1 forcing him to take rhe bishop after that promoting the pawn into a horse forking the king and queen after that taking the queen and etc

  18. in position #3 14:59 I'm pretty sure they can just get a queen and take the pawn that's defending its square so it's not really a mate

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